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At any given time, various research projects are underway by the ASERT contributors. Here you can learn about these projects.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Suitability of SDL Methodology to Software Engineering
  • High-Yield Scenario-based Testing with industrial-strength CASE tools (R. Probert, CITO, ObjecTime) (Masterís thesis: A test purpose expression language)
  • Wireless Intelligent Network (L. Logrippo, CITO, Nortel Networks)
  • High-Yield Testing of E-Commerce (R. Probert, NSERC, IBM; UO ECCE) (Masterís thesis: E-Testing Framework and CORBA)
  • Testing in Context (G. Bochmann, NSERC)
  • Quality of service management for multimedia applications (G. Bochmann, CITR)
  • QoS management of distributed multimedia applications over the internet (Masterís thesis)
  • Java Testing Automation Techniques (Masterís thesis)
  • Usability Study of a Software Exploration Tool (T. Lethbridge, Mitel)
  • Knowledge based reverse engineering of legacy systems (T. Lethbridge, CSER, Mitel)
  • Time-to-market and performance modelling using SDL (Nortel ConGESE Projects) (R. Probert)
  • Quality Engineering for Communications S/W Design and Time-to-Market from UCMs to LOTOS, SDL, and TTCN (CITO/Mitel)

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