Downloading and Installation

Installation Through the Update Site (Recommended)

  • Update in Eclipse
    • Select Help -> Check for Updates
    • Select the jUCMNav update site from your list

  • Important Notes
    • Using the update site is required if you want the MSC Viewer plugin and CSM export plugin to be installed properly.
    • Afterwards, the jUCMNav plugin can be updated manually from our Latest Build, if you feel adventurous!
      • Save the .jar file to replace your eclipse/plugins/seg.jUCMNav_7.0.0.jar plug-in (or whatever last version you have installed)
    • Eclipse does not allow automatic upgrades between major revisions. jUCMNav v6.* will need to be uninstalled before proceeding with the installation of jUCMNav v7.*


Operating Systems

  • Windows 7/10 (tested) :check:
  • Linux (tested) :check:
  • MacOS X (tested) :check:
  • Any other O/S on which you can run Eclipse (currently untested - please report your success!)



  • Versions
    • jUCMNav versions 5.5 and above require Eclipse 4.2 and above (previous versions of Eclipse are no longer supported)
    • jUCMNav versions 4.4 to 5.4 require Eclipse 3.5 to 3.7 (previous versions of Eclipse are no longer supported)
      • We recommend the installation of Eclipse Modeling Tools 3.7.x
  • Plug-ins required for running jUCMNav
    • jUCMNav 5.x and above requires the Eclipse EMF, GEF, JDT, RPC, OCL, and Platform plugins.
    • Users should use the jUCMNav update site to get these dependencies automatically.
    • Otherwise, they can be obtained from the Eclipse Projects Update Site or from their respective projects
  • [Optional] Additional plug-ins required for compiling jUCMNav


  • GraphViz (dot) is required for the diagram autolayout feature.
  • (use version 2.28 or 2.38; versions in between may not work well)
  • There is a report that this does not work properly on MacOS

-- DanielAmyot - 26 Sep 2017
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