jUCMNav v7.0.0

Important Note

This version requires Eclipse 4.x. For a version of jUCMNav that supports Eclipse 3.x, please use JUCMNavRelease540

Enhancements Highlights!

  • NEW New jUCMNav metamodel with improved support of feature modeling, concern-oriented requirements engineering, and activity theory
  • NEW Better support for the creation of feature models
  • NEW Aggregate contributions in goal models
  • NEW Initial support for CoURN (Concern-Oriented User Requirements Notation)
  • NEW Reusable elements in feature/goal models of CoURN models
  • NEW Evaluation of goal and feature models with reused elements in a CoURN model
  • NEW Partial support for feature models in HTML/PDF/RTF reports

Better support for the creation of feature models

  • not allow a contribution value of mandatory/optional link to be set
  • not allow toggling between contribution and correlation for mandatory/optional links
  • support toggling between optional and mandatory links
  • only allow features and not goal model elements to be selected as a new definition in the property view of a feature
  • provide an option in jUCMNav General Preferences whether to show contributions on mandatory and optional links

Aggregate contributions in goal models

  • added the concept of aggregate contribution to goal models, applicable for the following strategies: quantitative, qualitative, mixed, and feature model
  • added options to the context menu of a node in the goal model to enable aggregate contributions for the node, to disable aggregate contributions, or to show both aggregate and individual contribution (the node must fulfill the criteria for aggregate contributions: element must be decomposed and should be contributing to another element; aggregate contributions are shown after running the evaluation)

Initial support for CoURN (Concern-Oriented User Requirements Notation)

  • allow a URN model to be designated as concern-oriented in the new file wizard (using metadata)
  • automatically create a concern for such a URN model and do not allow to modify the concern or add another concerns (i.e., a CoURN model is restricted to one concern)
  • the name of the file determines the name of the concern as well as the root feature (automatically kept consistent)
  • any diagram in such a URN model is automatically assigned to the concern
  • show the name of the concern instead of URNspec in the hierarchical outline as well as "Reused Concerns" instead of "Concerns"
  • do not show the "Concerns" outline
  • new default Concern-oriented URN perspective for such a URN model
  • automatic creation and identification of root feature
  • prevent deletion of root feature
  • prevent outgoing links for root feature
  • visualization of feature model configuration issues in the problem view when the feature model evaluation algorithm is selected

Reusable elements in feature/goal models of CoURN models

  • new Custom Common Navigator view as an alternative for the old navigator view
  • navigate through the goal model, feature model, and scenario model definitions and select of one of the model elements
  • drag the selected model element from one file (i.e., with the help of the Custom Common Navigator) to another file (i.e., the editor background), thus adding the reused element from the source model to the target model
  • create a link reuse in a target model (either goal or feature model) to connect the reused element with an element in the target model (the reuse link always has a reused element as its source)

Evaluation of goal and feature models with reused elements in a CoURN model

  • support evaluation of feature/goal models with reused elements (not yet recursively evaluated)
  • properly set the contribution value of a reuse link to 100
  • auto-select a reused elements
  • not allow more than one reuse link to be created per feature/goal reference
  • not allow a reused feature to be selected
  • not allow a satisfaction value to be set for a reused goal model element
  • not allow a contribution value of a reuse link in a feature model to be set
  • not allow toggling between contribution and correlation for reuse links
  • properly show the definition in the properties view of a reused element
  • restrict changing the definition of a reused element through the properties view

Updated URN Metamodel


Contributors to this release included Jiaying Yang, Aprajita, Aldo Navea Pina, Gunter Mussbacher, Nishanth Thimmegowda, Amal Anda, Patrice Boulet, and Daniel Amyot.

Release Notes


  • End-user documentation is integrated with the Eclipse help system. Access Help > Help Contents from the Eclipse workbench, then select topic jUCMNav Online Help.
  • The latest user documentation can also be accessed via HelpOnLine
  • NOTE: The user documentation has not yet been updated since 2014. This will be done as part of a future minor release.

Reporting Bugs / Usability Requests

  • Send your bug reports to jucmnav-dev@softwareengineering.ca.
  • Include reproduction steps, sample .jucm files and, if applicable, copy-paste the error log messages.
  • If you're zealous enough, we'll create a BugZilla account for you smile

Enhancements / Fixes since 6.0.0

Bug Description
793 Increased maximum number of columns for export to CVS from 12 to 10000
932 ASD must be optional in jUCMNav's metamodel
936 Null pointer exception in Feature Diagrams (advanced tab from Properties view now works with features)
939 Partial support for feature models in HTML reports, including feature diagram with new icon and strategies
No bug Type casting mistake in the handling of URN links
No bug Fixed an issue in the navigation of URN links for actor references

For enhancements and fixes since previous releases, please refer to the release notes of the PreviousReleases.

Known Issues in 7.0.0

  • NEW After a new installation, to use OCL semantic constraints and metrics, one needs to Restore Default Settings in both jUCMNav preference pages.
  • NEW in the .jucm files, references now use IDs rather than relative paths. New files won't be readable by jUCMNav 5.4.0 and older. Some older files that are saved may have a mix of IDs and path as references.
  • MSC Viewer and user documentation only available in English (GUI, models and reports are however multi-lingual)
  • When changing a few of the preferences, one must sometimes close & re-open a model for the change to have an impact on the editor.
  • The UCM traversal mechanism does not take into consideration advanced stubs, failures, aspect-oriented extensions, and some other attributes.
  • Aspect-oriented GRL is not yet supported.
  • GRL belief links not yet handled by the features for creating/expanding diagrams
  • Open bugs on Buzilla server

Downloading and Installation

Start your journey with the Downloading and Installation instructions.

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