Key Differences between Z.151 and jUCMNav

This is work in progress... Section numbers refer to the Z.151 (URN) standard.


  • 6: GRL Beliefs are IntentionalElements in Z.151, whereas they are not in jUCMNav (they are a type of GRLNode, and hence cannot be associated with a value in a strategy)
  • 6.1.5: Concern: Z.151 targets URNmodelElement, jUCMNav targets them now but also targets IURNDiagram
  • 7.4.6: DecompositionType is different. Z.151 has {AND, XOR, IOR}, and jUCMNav has {And, Or, Xor}.
  • 7.5.2: EvaluationStrategy in Z.151 may be associated to many StrategiesGroup in Z.151, but to only one in jUCMNav.
  • 7.6.13 Comment: Z.151 has Comment (comment boxes) attached to UCMmap and GRLspec, jUCMNav has it attached to IURNdiagram (with a different role name)
  • 9: Handling of URN data model (syntax) by jUCMNav (I believe there are small differences, e.g. postconditions in Z.151, "else" in jUCMNav)
  • Many mismatches related to how indicators are supported
  • Many mismatches related to how contribution contexts are supported

In Z.151 but not in jUCMNav

  • GRLnode has a size (width/heigth) in Z.151 but not in jUCMNav (stored as metadata)
  • NodeConnection is a URNmodelElement (whereas it is not in jUCMNav)
  • 7.6.1 ConcreteGRLspec: Z.151 supports visualization of XOR/IOR as means-end
  • 8.2.1: UCMmap singletons (in the metamodel but unused)
  • 8.4.2: ComponentType (in the metamodel but unused and no GUI)
  • 8.6.1: Workload decomposed in Z.151 but not in jUCMNav
  • 9: Syntax for previous values of variables in post-conditions

In jUCMNav but not in Z.151

  • ScenarioStartPoint and ScenarioEndPoint
  • An EvaluationStrategy can include other ones
  • EvaluationRange in strategy evaluations
  • Everything related to aspects
  • Everything related to failure points
  • Everything related to Feature Models, CORE, Activity Theory diagrams (ASD)
  • Interfaces for nodes, diagrams, containers, connections, container references

Deprecated features in jUCMNav

  • GRL IntentionalElement's priority and criticality attributes
  • UCM PluginBinding's transaction attribute
  • UCM Stub's pointcut attribute
  • UCM orientation attribute in AND/OR forks/joins


  • Use of interfaces in jUCMNav's metamodel
  • Use of packages in jUCMNav's metamodel

-- DanielAmyot - 28 Mar 2012
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