-- JasonKealey - 10 Feb 2005

Required for completion of this requirement:
  • the visual representation
  • connect end points to the stub. end points must not be visible.
  • connect start points to the setub. start points must not be visible.

should be able to connect multiple paths to a stub.

-- JasonKealey - 19 May 2005

Not sure what you mean by "end points must not be visible" (there is no end point anymore). We can discuss this next week.

-- DanielAmyot - 20 May 2005

That was old text. But it could be could to clarify the situation.
  • a) end points are connected (using connect element) to a stub pathnode. they are therefore no longer visible but remain in the model.
  • b) end points are removed and the nodeconnection nows leads directly to the stub.

-- JasonKealey - 20 May 2005

Option b)

-- DanielAmyot - 20 May 2005

Note: a stub has to have at least one in, one out. Can't delete the last in/out branch without deleting the stub.

-- JasonKealey - 29 May 2005

FormForReq edit

Req Name ReqElemStaticStub
Description jUCMNav SHALL support the creation, naming, editing, and moving of UCM static stubs.
Type Functional
Importance Mandatory
Priority Urgent
Status Completed
Author JasonKealey
Verification Approach
Test Cases
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