jUCMNAv should be usable with or without the GUI, and a command line interface would enable easy access to some functionalities (e.g., loading a specific file, model analysis, model exporting, model printing, model transformation, etc.) without the need to start the whole interface. Command line interfaces are also very useful when chaining tools and in batch files. -- DanielAmyot - 29 Jan 2005

Therefore, we must try to seperate EMF and GEF as much as possible. We may have to add another layer in which our commands are self contained and not held strongly linked to GEF. EtienneTremblay might have a better idea on how all of this should be architectured. -- JasonKealey - 31 Jan 2005

FormForReq edit

Req Name ReqGoalCommandLine
Description jUCMNAv is INTENDED to support a command line interface.
Type Goal
Importance Future
Priority Low
Status Approved
Author DanielAmyot
Verification Approach
Test Cases
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