Many software engineering tools support scripting, which is a way to enable tool tailoring as well as interworking with other tools. -- DanielAmyot - 29 Jan 2005

I have no experience in ensuring an architecture will support scripting. Do you have any tips? Do you think this will be implicitely done because we will be using EMF and we shouldn't worry about it? -- JasonKealey - 03 Feb 2005

I have never done it myself either. Tools like Rose, DOORS (and even Word) all have a scriptable way of accessing the commands. In fact, in DOORS, the GUI is essentially a big script program...! I guess this goal means that we should try to decouple the control part from the view part (or the commands from the GUI), to that a scripting language could be supported (and replace the GUI). -- DanielAmyot - 13 Feb 2005

I'm pretty sure the explicit division between GEF and its model will ensure this property. -- JasonKealey - 14 Feb 2005

FormForReq edit

Req Name ReqGoalScripting
Description jUCMNav INTENDS to support a scripting language enabling all the functionalities available via the GUI
Type Goal
Importance Future
Priority Low
Status Approved
Author DanielAmyot
Verification Approach
Test Cases
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