UCM Scenarios


  • jUCMNav currently does not support scenarios, unlike its predecessor UCMNav. The goal of this project is to re-implement the scenario traversal mechanisms in jUCMNav to deprecate UCMNav completely.
  • Why does jUCMNav need to support scenarios?
    1. Understanding. On-the-fly verifications that the author expressed the desired behaviour in the UCMs.
    2. Regression testing purposes. Verify that old behaviour is respected after changes.
    3. Transformations. We need dynamic traversal mechanisms in order to generate MSCs or FitNesse tests from UCMs.

High Level Goals

  • Extensibility: The project lays the groundwork for what will come in future years. This is one of UCMNav's major flaws and we wish to avoid having history repeat itself.
  • Usability: The second main goal is to offer a usable framework; UCMNav's interface was too restrictive and didn't match the user's regular workflow.
  • Reusability: The scenario project contains complex algorithms. These should be broken down into reusable parts (to be used in the import/export wizards or future analysis functionality, for example).

Meeting Notes

Work Plan

  1. Define the data model
  2. Define scenario UI - based on JeanFrancoisRoy's work.
  3. Implement scenarios structure (views) with trivial text-editor.
  4. Plan and implement simple core algorithm.
  5. Enhance textual editor used.
  6. Iteratively extend and refine the model
  7. ScenarioTestPlan

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