Modeling approaches are based on various paradigms, e.g., aspect-oriented, feature-oriented, object-oriented, and logic-based. Modeling approaches may cover requirements models to low-level design models, are developed for various purposes, use various means of composition, and thus are difficult to compare. However, such comparisons are critical to help practitioners know under which conditions approaches are most applicable, and how they might be successfully generalized and combined to achieve end-to-end methods. This paper reports on work done at the 2nd International Comparing Modeling Approaches (CMA) workshop towards the goal of identifying potential comprehensive modeling methodologies with a particular emphasis on composition: (i) an improved set of comparison criteria; (ii) 19 assessments of modeling approaches based on the comparison criteria and a common, focused case study.


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Title Assessing Composition in Modeling Approaches
Authors Mussbacher, G., Alam, O., Alhaj, M., Ali, S., Amálio, N., Barn, B., Bræk, R., Clark, T., Combemale, B., Cysneiros, L.M., Fatima, U., France, R., Georg, G., Horkoff, J., Kienzle, J., Leite, J.C., Lethbridge, T.C., Luckey, M., Moreira, A., Mutz, F., Oliveira, A.P.A., Petriu, D.C., Schöttle, M., Troup, L., and Werneck, V.M.B.
Type Conference
Conference/Journal Title 2nd International Comparing Modeling Approaches Workshop (CMA 2012)
Publisher ACM
Month September
Year 2012
Pages 1-26
DOI 10.1145/2459031.2459032
Keywords Composition, Modeling, Comparison Criteria, Case Study
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