After some remarks on the use of different formal methods in the area of feature interaction detection, the question of the use of these methods in telecommunications systems development is addressed. Nowadays there does not seem to be (yet) a compelling or general need for formal methods. Also these methods are hindered by their fragmentation and discontinuity. Still, it is concluded that the success of formal methods is inevitable in the long run, although the time frame for this success and which methods will prevail remain open questions.

-- DanielAmyot - 09 Aug 2006


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Title Immaturity and Potential of Formal Methods: A Personal View
Authors L. Logrippo
Type Conference
Conference/Journal Title Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems VI (FIW'00)
Editors M. Calder and E.H. Magill
Publisher IOS Press
Month May
Year 2000
Pages 9-13
Keywords Feature Interactions, Industry, intelligent Networks, LOTOS, Telecommunication Systems, Use Case Maps
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