基于用例图建立的呼叫处理模型,针对Nakamura提出的业务冲突过滤方法中基桩配置矩阵合并开销过大和过滤 检测结论冗余过多的缺点,从增加排除合并前提条件和增强过滤检测定理两个方面进行了改进,并提出了改进的过滤算法.计算机模拟实验结果证实:该改进算法不 仅能够明显提高业务合并的效率,同时还能更加精确地定位冲突,减少不确定性结论,提高过滤检测性能.

(In Chinese)

Based on the Call Process Model made by Use Case Map, a Non-Deterministic Feature Interaction Filtering Method for intelligent networks was presented. To overcome the two shortcomings of the filtering method presented by Nakamura, which involves excessive time of stub configure matrix combination and inaccurate results, an improved filtering method was proposed by adding preconditions of filtering service combination and strengthening filtering testing theorem. Computer simulations showed that the improved method could not only promote the efficiency of service combination and the accuracy of locating service interaction, but also reduce non-deterministic conclusions and improve filtering testing performances.

-- DanielAmyot - 07 Jul 2010


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Title Non-deterministic feature interaction filtering method based on scenarios with Use Case Map (基于用例图呼叫处理场景的不确定性冲突过滤方法)
Authors J. Cheng, L. Yang, Y.-J. Kuai, and D.-F. Zhang
Type Journal
Conference/Journal Title Hunan Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Hunan University Natural Sciences
Volume/Number 32(2)
Month April
Year 2005
Pages 104-109
Keywords Feature interaction; Filtering; Intelligent networks; Stub configuration matrix; Use Case Map
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