jUCMNav already reports some issues found during the traversal of UCM scenarios, the propagation of strategies in GRL graphs, and the export of URN models to other representations such as CSM. However, although the tool prevents users from creating syntactically invalid models, there are still many rules related to the static semantics of the URN language that are not enforced, especially when considering the various modeling styles required by export filters to other notations (Message Sequence Charts, Core Scenario Model, etc.) or by advanced concepts (Key Performance Indicators, Aspect-oriented URN, etc.).

This project presents a tool that enhances jUCMNav by enabling users to create/delete, group, load/save, enable/disable, and verify customized rules. Rules are managed via the jUCMNav Preferences, rules are checked against the current URN model via the jUCMNav --> Verify Static Semantic menu item, and violations are reported in Eclipse's Problems view.

User rules are described using OMG's Object Constraint Language (OCL). The tool depends on the presence of the MDT OCL plug-in, which provides OCL parsing and verification facilities.

This tool provides a flexible way for users to manage their own rules and tailer them to particular applications as the URN language and its applications evolve. Rules applicable in one context (e.g., export to CSM such that another specific tool can process the CSM files generated) may not be applicable in other contexts, whereas other rules may span multiple contexts. We expect the library of rules for jUCMNav to grow and become quite valuable over the next few years.

-- DanielAmyot - 26 Mar 2008


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Title Static Semantics Checking Tool for jUCMNav
Authors Jun Biao Yan
Type Thesis
Conference/Journal Title
Publisher SITE, University of Ottawa
Month March
Year 2008
Pages 38
Keywords jUCMNav, constraints, MDT, OCL, rules, semantics
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