The UofO LOTOS Research Group

Research Interests

Interests The LOTOS Group specializes in problems of specification, prototyping and validation of distributed systems using LOTOS and related tools.

Private Mitel Design and Validation of Telephone Systems.
FI Feature Interactions
Use Case Maps Formerly Timethreads, development of the Use Case Maps (UCM) methodology, its use with LOTOS, and its application to the telecommnunication field, was initiated by Daniel Amyot
Private WIN In collaboration with NORTEL people working at standardizing Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN), we have undertaken the task of assembling and tayloring a specification methodology based on UCMs.
GPRS We are working on the project Software Architecture and Protocols for Advanced Mobile Data Systems with Motorola Advanced Radiodata Research Centre.
OBDC/ODP Object-Based Distributed Computing / Open Distributed Processing (OBDC/ODP) and its applications to Telecommunication Architectures and Network Management Architectures: Kazi Farooqui
GCS Specification of a Group Communication Server in LOTOS: Daniel Amyot
E-LOTOS The elaboration of Enhanced LOTOS (E-LOTOS) is carried out by ISO/JTC1/SC21/WG7 as project
EUCALYPTUS EUCALYPTUS is a European-Canadian project involving the Universities of Ottawa (with sponsorship from TRIO), Montreal, Grenoble and Liege in the elaboration of a LOTOS Toolset.
XELUDO The development of the XEludo Toolkit has been carried on along the years. It is used as a workbench to test and experiment various ideas about the automation of different verification and validation activities.
GSM Global System Mobility (GSM): Gaurav Rampal
ATM Specifying the ATM Signaling Protocol in LOTOS: Patrick Bihan-Faou. The report Rewriting (part of) the ATM specification in LOTOS, by Patrick Bihan-Faou & Eleye Mahamad (July 23, 1995) is available in either PostScript or LaTeX formats). Also availabe is a directory containing the corresponding LOTOS specifications.
FAX Machine Fax Machine by Patrick Bihan-Faou; the report (in PostScript) and its related LOTOS specification.