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jUCMNav: Juice up your modelling!


jUCMNav v6.0.0 Release Notes
(Latest stable, August 7, 2014)

  • NEW Support for feature modeling (FM) and analysis based on goal model semantics.
  • NEW Automated export of UCM models with scenario definitions to a test suite in ETSI's Test Description Language (TDL).
  • NEW Support for align and distribute capabilities in UCM, GRL, and FM diagrams.
  • NEW Reports now include indicator descriptions in GRL models.
  • NEW Creation of GRL diagrams by expanding individual intentional elements and for entire models.
  • NEW New jUCMNav metamodel for feature modeling, and supporting an alpha version of concepts for Concern-Oriented REuse (CORE) and an alpha version of Activity Theory concepts.
  • NEW New version of the scenario metamodel, which now supports metadata.
  • NEW Our repository has now been updated to a p2 composite repository and is now compatible with p2-dependent tools such as Tycho
  • NOTE: Releases 6.0.0 requires* Eclipse 4.x. For a version compatible with Eclipse 3.x, please use jUCMNav v5.4.0


jUCMNav - Eclipse plugin for the User Requirements Notation

jUCMNav is a free, Eclipse-based graphical editor and an analysis and transformation tool for the User Requirements Notation (URN). URN is intended for the elicitation, analysis, specification, and validation of requirements. URN combines two complementary views: one for goals provided by the Goal-oriented Requirement Language (GRL) and one for scenarios provided by the Use Case Map (UCM) notation. In addition, jUCMNav support Feature Models, as well as the visualization of scenarios with Message Sequence Charts [ More... ]

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