Jack Jacques Sincennes

System Analyst
Lotos Group,
Department of Computer Science

I provide technical (and sometimes theoritical) assistance to the members of the LOTOS group. Primarily in charge of the development, documentation and maintenance of the ELUDO Toolkit elaborated by the group over the years, my duties also extend to other computer- and LOTOS-related tasks. My employer is Dr. Luigi Logrippo.

I probably am the person you wish to contact if you have questions regarding technical aspects of the Toolkit, or one of the electronic services we offer to the Internet community (Mailing Lists, Anonymous FTP server, WWW server).

My email address is
I can be reached by voice at
+1 613 562 5800 ext. 6724
or by fax at
+1 613 562 5187
My desk is in:
Room 2002A, SITE
Department of Computer Science
University of Ottawa
800 King Edward
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5 (Canada)

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