Luigi Logrippo

Graduate and research supervisions (Completed)

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Marwan Cheaito, 2012/06-2012/09 (co-supervised with K.Adi)

Hemanth Khambhammettu, 2010/01-2012/01 (co-supervised with K. Adi)

Riaz A. Shaikh, 2009/10-2012/01 (co-supervised with K. Adi)

Ji Ma 2009/05-2011/05 (co-supervised with K. Adi)

Yacine Bouzida 2008/10-2009/06 (co-supervised with K. Adi)

Masahide Nakamura 1999-2000

Xiao Jun (Jessica) Chen 1996-1997

Robert Owen 1975-76

Graduate Supervisions:

Completed: 37 Master’s, 8 PhD, 1 DESS (Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées).

Only students who have completed are listed.

CS: I was the main supervisor, person indicated was co-supervisor;

PS: I was the co-supervisor, person indicated was main supervisor.

When no co-supervisor is indicated, I was the sole supervisor.

Abahmane, Omar (PhD, 2011/08-2015/10) : Contrôle de flux de l’information basé sur la granularité

Maboudou, Bone (MSc, 2013/01-2015/02) PS :K.Adi. Un environnement pour la modélisation des systèmes de contrôle d’accès

Jemili, Sourour (MSc, 2011/01-2013/12) PS :K.Adi. Analyse de risque dans les systèmes de contrôle d’accès.

Khalifa, Hassen (MSc, 2011/09-2013/10) CS : K.Adi. Détection des anomalies entre les contraintes dans les politiques de contrôle d'accès

Olurin, Mujiwa (MCS, 2011/09-2013/01) PS: C. Adams. Policy merger system for P3P in a Cloud aggregation platform

Sofiene, Boulares (MSc, 2008/05-2010/08) CS : K. Adi. Validation des politiques de sécurité par rapport aux modèles de contrôle d’accès

Layouni, Seifallah Yakine (MSc,2007/09/2010/08) CS :  K.Adi. Détection des conflits dans les politiques de contrôle d’accès.

Hattak, Iklhass (MSc, 2007/09-2010/04) CS: K. Adi. Analyse formelle de politiques de sécurité.

Hassan, Waël (PhD, 09/2000-04/2009) Validating legal compliance – Governance analysis method.

Estienne, Grégory (MSc, 2005/09-2008/08) Les fonctionnalités de présence en VoIP - Programmation de services sensibles au contexte en téléphonie sur IP          

Layouni, Ahmed (MSc, 2005/09-2007/08) Méthode formelle de détection d'interactions pour les politiques du contrôle d'appel téléphonique

Gendron, Denis (DESS, 2004-2005) Architecture d’un système de présence

Mankai, Mahdi (MSc, 2004-2006) Vérification et analyse des politiques de contrôle d’accès: application au langage XACML.

Jiang, Dongmei (MCS, 2001-2003) Internet Telephony Services for Presence With SIP and Extended CPL

Xu, Yiqun (MCS, 2001-2003). Detecting Feature Interactions and Feature Inconsistencies in CPL

Guan, Ruoshan (MCS, 2000-2003). From Requirements to Scenarios through Specifications: A Translation Procedure from Use Case Maps to LOTOS.

Zhang, N. (MCS, 2000-2002) Simulation of Feature Execution Trees.

Charfi, Leila (MCS, 1998-2001) Formal Modeling and Test Generation Automation with Use Case Maps and LOTOS.

Amyot, Daniel (PhD, 1994-2001) Specification and Validation of Telecommunications Systems with Use Case Maps and LOTOS.

Hassine, Jameleddine (MCS, 1998-2001) Feature Interaction Filtering and Detection with Use Case Maps and LOTOS.

Andrade, R. M. de Castro (PhD, 1997-2001) Capture, Reuse and Validation of Requirements and Analysis Patterns for Mobile Systems.

Gorse, N. (MCS, 1998-2001) The Feature Interaction Problem: Automatic Filtering of Incoherences and Generation of Validation  Test Suites at the Design Stage.

Yi, Z. (MCS, 1997-2000) CNAP Specification and Validation: A Design Methodology Using LOTOS and UCM.

Lu, Xiao Tong (MCS, 1997-2000) A Data Base System for Feature Interaction Detection. (project)

Farooqui, Kazi (PhD, 1990-2000) Group-Based Distributed Computing: Programming and Distributed Platform Model.

Fu, J. Q. (MCS, 1997-2000) Feature Interaction Detection in a Telephony Network Integrated with Switch-based Features and IN Features.

Savin, D. (MCS, 1997-1999). Formal Techniques for Service Modeling and Validation in Wireless Intelligent Networks (project)

Hart, N. (MCS, 1996-1999). Protocol Validation and Implementation: A Design Methodology using LOTOS and ROOM.

P.Berlinguette (MCS, 1993-1999). Protocol Validation with LOTOS and ObjecTime (project)

Rampal, G. (MCS, 1994-1998). Developing Mobile Distributed Intelligent Network Services Using RM-ODP.

Ben Fredj, H. (MCS, 1994-1997). Automatic Generation of Test Cases from a LOTOS Specification (project)

Kamoun, J.  (MCS, 1994-1996) Formal Specification and Feature Interaction Detection in the Intelligent Network.

Tuok, R.  (MCS, 1993-1996) Modeling and Derivation of Scenarios for a Mobile Telephony System in LOTOS.

Haj-Hussein, Mazen (PhD, 1989-1996) Guided Search Technique for LOTOS

Faci, Mohamed (PhD, 1990-1995) Detecting Feature Interactions in Telecommunications Systems Designs.

Amyot, D.  (MCS, 1992-1994)  Formalization of Timethreads Using LOTOS.

Jaouani, R.  (MCS, 1990-1992) LOTOS-based Conformance Testing:  The Theory and a Tool.

Ghribi, B. A. (MCS, 1990-1992) Model-Checker for LOTOS.

Ashkar, P.  (MCS, 1990-1992) Symbolic Execution of LOTOS Specifications.

Boumezbeur, R. (MCS, 1998- 1991). Design, Specification, and Validation of Telephony Systems in LOTOS.

Obaid, Abdel (PhD, 1984-1991). A Calculus of Communicating Systems with Atomicity and Recovery, for Protocol Specification and Design.

Gallouzi, S. (MCS, 1998-1989). Trace Analysis of LOTOS Behaviors.

Gueraichi, D. (MCS, 1987-1989).  Derivation of Test Cases for LAP-B from a Formal Specification in LOTOS

Haj-Hussein, M. (MCS, 1986-1988). An Interactive System for LOTOS Applications (ISLA)

Fehri, M.C. (MCS, 1985-1987). A System for Validating and Executing LOTOS Data Abstractions (SVELDA)

Deo, U. (M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, 1977-1979). Data-Directed Program Design (project)